Monday, June 30, 2008

The trip home

The rest of the trip by popular demand. Cool that anybody is reading this.

So after leaving the Grand Canyon we drove until mid-afternoon and stopped at a volcano. The hike up was all lava.

Our little shutterbug in a lava cave.

The oldest tree in the NM growing out of the lava.

Looking into the crater.

And if the volcano wasn't enough there was also an ice cave. Yes, in this cave it stays cold enough that the pond in the bottom never melts. In fact every year the ice gets deeper. It felt good in there after all the hiking. Like stepping into a freezer. The only photo that turned out doesn't show the ice, only us, but what a handsome group.

Even an hour later, along the side of the road, we could see lava spewed by the volcano and it's brothers.
The next day and last day was all driving. However in the late morning we needed a pit stop and took a chance on a billboard add and stopped at the Dinosaur Museum. What a lucky break for us.

As pretty as the southwest is...

There is no place like home.

So very green. I love it.

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