Thursday, September 04, 2008

The Podium

I fell behind, but that's in the posting not in the Olympic knitting.

Look a gold metal, 4 of them.

Ziggy in Mission Falls Cotton. Done. I love it. Look at the buttons, love them too.
The pattern was well written, fast, and easy. However, it is written for fat babies. I ended up knitting the size 12 month size but making it size 24 length. It looks better that way. I hope it fits better that way too.

Ribbed Baby Sweater is done. I love it and I love the button too. It was a good day for buttons.
Debbi Bliss is well known for writing patterns for very fat babies. Some say it's so she can sell more yarn. I don't know. I do know I knitted an aran weight pattern in a light worsted weight Cotton Fleece and I think it's big enough for a new born to 3 months. It's hard to tell, but it sure is cute.
The 5HBS. I love the 5HBS. Knitted in Caron Simply Soft.

Peaches knitted in Knit Picks CotLin.
Love the clasp. Super love it. The pattern was just a guide line so I used it as a jumping off point and knitted my own design. Size is large. A dress for a chubby 2 year old or a shrug for a thin 6 year old. It used less than 2 balls of yarn. Very nice.

Kipling never made it. I knitted this much on the very first day. Then I ran out of yarn in that ball. I never even wound the second ball. Yarn is Classy by Dreams in Color. Love the Yarn.

I should pick it up and finish since there is only a few hours of knitting left but I am done with baby sweaters for a while. Last night I cast on socks. Ok, ok not just last night. I also cast on socks during the Olympics. I just need to get a photo of them.

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