Saturday, September 20, 2008

Using the Yarn a Pattern Calls For

I have had this blue mohair for years. I won it as a door Prize from Thread Bear when they opened their doors in Indiana way back in 2003? 2004? It’s 10 balls of Classic Elite. I started knitting a bottom up raglan but wasn’t happy with the color, the drape, the size, the feel, pretty much everything about that sweater wasn’t right. It’s no wonder after I started in on the second ball I put it away in the UFO drawer.

I finally decided it had to go. I would offer it up at the next Shop and Swap at the fiber guild. It wasn’t long after deciding that I found an acceptable pattern in an old issue of IK. Broken Ribs and Bobbles in Fall 2000. That would be the very first issue of IK that I bought since that’s when I learned to knit. The sweater isn’t a current style but it’s fun and funky enough that I’ll wear it and it uses Elite La Gran Mohair. I never get to knit a sweater in the called for yarn. I decided to use that yarn after all.

It’s turning out nice. That is after a little gauge problem that caused me to start over and to pick a different size too. I now think it’s going well. With the second go I left out the purl ridge on the bottom. I wasn’t pleased with how it looked. I think I will leave it on the sleeves but it was just too much at the bottom of the sweater. Too much ‘look at the big purl band around my butt’. Seeing as how I can’t see the band in any of the photos I suspect it didn’t look good on the models. And if a photo stylist can’t make it look good on a model then there is no way it will look good on me in the real world.

With the second casting on I also decided to knit it all in one piece to the arm holes so I wouldn’t have to deal with seaming but mostly because I couldn’t stand the thought of knitting two fronts after the back. The texture is pretty but knitting it is about as exciting as washing dishes. Watching paint dry is more fun.

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