Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Down Sizing

Like I do every 4 day weekend I picked up the clutter in my home and then I look around for things to get rid of so maybe next time I won't have clutter. Moving to a smaller place had me down sizing every day, then every month, and finally every season. The goal is 28 things have to go. Saturday I look around and I found 3. Hmmm, I need to do something new since I still am lacking in space and not everything has a place. Not yet.
So I look at what I can change. My spinning stash takes up so much room as nice fluffy fibers rather than compact yarn. Also, I haven't bought spinning fibers in a very long time and it's getting sort of stale. It's lost that sparkly feeling that I get from new projects. It's time to spin it up into sparkly new yarn.
So I pick out a nice wool I had dyed myself and give myself the job of spinning it up over the weekend to make more room and get me new nice yarn. I sit down to watch my Saturday night TV and 4 hours later have this much spun from the basket.
Sunday I start early and spin while listening to my morning radio. I also have the goal of getting rid of 28 things from each room. I need to dig deep and just do it. I set the timer for 30 minutes of going through a room touching everything I own and seeing if it was something that could go. Then 30 minutes of spinning before moving on to the next room.

Some rooms went well. I like finding 23 things in the bathroom. The kitchen I only found 3 things I can let go and one of them by eating the last handful of dried fruit so I can throw the bag away.

Once the last room is finished I sit and spin to Sunday night TV. 8 full spinning hours and I go to bed with this much done.
And this much left to go. I'm supposed to be finished by now. Ok, I still have Monday.
Monday I wake up crazy early and spin while watching the sun rise.
9am It's looking good. Time to stop for coffee.
Joey is fed up with my spinning. So boring. She won't play.
Early afternoon I break into the last bag and Sumi-e has to help. He pushes it down so the fluff is compact and contained. Nice kitty.
But it didn't help. 3 hours later and it looks like more not less.
Finally, as the sun starts to set the basket empties.
Did she even walk me today? I don't think so.
Look at that. All spun in the last light of day. I puff up with accomplishment.
And look at how small this is. My idea is so totaly working. Now to start plying it.
I celebrate by cooking Indian food and opening a bottle of wine. I eat it at the spinning wheel.
Sumi-e has joined Joey with thinking this is truly a boring day.
I push until midnight and I have this much done. At this point I'm not feeling so great and my muscles hurt. So does my back.
In the morning light. No fairies visited me in the night. So I turn on the TV to mute and listen to the inauguration on the radio. I think the speech is very good.
By the time the parade starts, and thankfully it's running late, I finish. Domestic Wool spun aran weight on the left. Merino spun light worsted on the right. Enough of it for a sweater maybe even a small sweater each.

Now is the basket looking sort of full to you? It's looking sort of full to me. Well, it should still work. It will at least get a new home, moved from the spinning stash book case to the yarn stash dresser. I am brilliant with making everything fit into my home. I am in control of my stash.

My yarn stash dresser may not have the room I thought.
Umm, yea, this isn't working out so well.
And the basket doesn't look any emptier.
But I did my part until spring or the next 4 day weekend.

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Clotho said...

Well that was delightful, and I simply LOVE the colour of your "thread".

Wish I could blog my day like that :)