Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Last year I said I was going to the gym and I did. I said I wanted strong arms. I never got them. Instead I picked up some abs as cute as kittens and I can now run 3 miles in 35 minutes.
I also knitted. I decided I would knit 12 pairs of socks just for me. In the past I knit about 6 pairs a year and gifted 4 of them. In 7 years of knitting I only had 14 pairs of socks. In 2008 I knit 19 pairs of socks, 14 of them for me.
This year I am too tired to make any new resolutions. I signed up again with the school gym but I worry about finding the time to go. It's going to be a hard semester.
The people that graduated last spring talk of it in hushed tones. The teachers, as they hand out the syllabuses, laugh maniacally and tell us to quit our jobs and to wave sleep good bye.
These four classes are the ones I wanted to take 2 years ago when I signed up. The last 2 years were all just to get to where I am now. It has the possibility of being fun. All my classes sound like fun when I talk about them but in reality they move so fast and with so much pressure fun is not even close to the right word. Still I have finally made it to were I want to be so I will try to take full advantage of it. Or at least to not fall down.
As for knitting in 2009? It will be socks. Last semester with 3 classes I was too beat to handle sweaters. This spring with 4 I am not even going to try.

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