Monday, January 12, 2009


It's been years since I have received so many Christmas and new years gifts. I have been truly blessed.

Yarn. Yummy yummy sock yarn.

I cast on the Imagination sock yarn right away. It's the Pixie Dust colorway so I chose a pattern that looks like Pixie Wings. The yarn isn't the most tightly spun so I am knitting it at a dense gauge of 8spi because I want them to last for years. I believe a dense gauge helps with that. I enjoy that even at 25% this yarn has that feel of alpaca. In my mind alpaca feels soapy. That's the way I think of it at least. That's ok. I make soap, soapy is a good thing.

Opal is my favorite sock yarn ever and in I received two in stunning solid colors so I can knit lace and cables socks. I am going to enjoy knitting them. But first I will have to hoard them for a good long time so I can enjoy the yarn just being in my stash. I love that part.

I have always wanted to try Essential and now I can. I have a pattern all picked out.Christopher Elbow Chocolates. Look at how photogenic they are! Even when only 2 are left.

Wine came with the chocolates.

Just as special, homemade caramels. My favorite candy ever.

I love books and this one is so sweet.
Homemade dried apples from their tree. I didn't know dried fruit could taste so good.

Jam, also homemade and homegrown. 2008 was a good harvest. I looking forward to opening them. Sweet bottled summer in a jar.Suri Alpaca for spinning from her own animals. Very nice. I haven't met a Suri Alpaca yet. Maybe I should set up a visit.

From some of the Kiddos in my life:

Chocolate covered sunflower seeds from one picked out with the help of his parents.
And from another, a bear picked out from his toys with no help at all.
Joey takes over all stuffed toys. I can't stop him. He loves them so much I don't try very hard.

A sweater drying rack that fits in the bathtub and in front of the window. Sumi-e has told me I am never to take it down. It deeply upsets him when I cover it with wet wool too.

Some gifts that don't photo well. I was taken out to eat for a nice curry and given money to pay the gas to make the trip to visit. Both where deeply appreciated.
And finally,
To myself. Two of the best knitting books out there right now.
I would show what I gave, but sadly many of them are still on the needles.

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