Monday, February 16, 2009

65 entries, really?

Yes, really.

I was working within walking distance of not one, but two, knitting stores. It’s amazing I didn’t buy more. Notice the 18 knitted items and then the jump the next year. That is the difference of working 50 hours a week, having internet at home, and living in Chicago verses now with so much less going on. I used to only knit at my lunch break and while watching hours of Adult Swim on Saturday nights and that is all. Oh, and on the train when I made trips to the Art Institute.

Here is how I got it all.

I had pretty little tables breaking down each category into projects but blogger won't read them. Still, here is the overview. I am sad about the pretty tables.

4 gifts, 0 trade, 57 bought, 4 handspun
total 65

6 gift, 4 trade, 51 bought, 3 handspun
total 64

6 gift, 10 trade, 35 bought, 4 handspun
total 55

4 gift, 18 trade, 0 bought, 2 handspun
total 24

I have been able to keep building my stash even when money is tight. Through trading on line and buying big at big sales I have been able to keep acquiring yarn for knitting at pretty much the same rate as when I had yarn money.

However I am limited on the brands I can get or I sometimes I have to settle on colors. I really appreciate the stash I built in 2006 when I bought exactly what I wanted. It is the quality rather than the quantity of that year that I appreciate.

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