Friday, February 20, 2009

The projects I have in my stash right now.

I have yarn to knit:

46 Socks
3 Baby Sweaters
23 Sweaters
3 Hats
15 Mittens
14 Short Sleeve Tops
6 Lace
0 Other
45 single skeins
total 155

I have enough projects to keep me busy a while. But looking at the numbers there is more to it than that. I will probably never knit more than 8 adult sweaters in a year so with 3 years worth on hand I don’t need to buy any more anytime soon. Same for mittens.

I am woefully short on baby sweater yarn. I either need to start knitting short sleeved tops instead or to use that yarn for baby sweaters.

Socks are holding up well. There is no desperate need for them but I don’t have too many either.

Hat yarn looks pretty thin on the ground but I can use single skeins for them in a pinch.

Finally lace, No more lace yarn. At one lace project every eight years I have enough to last me for the next 48 years. Unless it’s Handmaiden Sea Silk, because that yarn’s purpose is to just exist in the stash. It’s so wonderful it never needs to be knitted.

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needlefingers said...

If the right color tempts me, I think I could possibly pick up some Sea Silk at Greencastle this year.

Speaking of Greencastle, Rosalie of the Amazing Silk Bricks will be there this year as a vendor.

Just think, all you would have to do is hop on 70 and drive forever. ;)