Monday, December 27, 2010

Food in My Teeth

Today I was named Producer of The Month for January. The really big boss came and shook my hand. The big boss told me he was proud of me. Regular boss gave a speech about me. My photo was taken so I can be on the work TV all month. I think I had food in my teeth. Even if I didn't, I was super uncomfortable about the whole thing and couldn't make a natural face for the photo. At least I was wearing one of Mom's necklaces and a sweater I knit.

Yes, the month of January. This is not because of something I did last month, or something I did once. This is for superior work every day for the last 6 months. Miss America is crowned for the up coming year not last. I am just petty enough to notice I am the first from my group to get this. After that? Meh.

I do what needs to be done. I help people. I do the job I'm paid for. That's why I'm paid. I get bored so I do more work. I ask people about what they are doing when they fix a problem I can't fix so I can fix it next time. Or actually, since I don't have the authority to do anything how to get strait to the people that do. It's surprising where they end up. It's no more, no less, then I do all the time. Every job I've ever had. My knitting projects. It doesn't feel special.

My test is next week. After months of being told we had to pass it on the first try, I was just told I really had 3 tries. What a complete relief. I should actually pass it on the first try now. Under the pressure I'm not sure I could have pulled it off. So one week, or maybe 3, and I can go back to blogging about knitting. After all, it's the important stuff.

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