Saturday, April 09, 2011

Wild Abandon April

I had grand plans for April's theme but I scrapped them for even better one. Wild Abandon April! Sometime last summer, on my knitting list, people started talking about birthdays. About how they don't celebrate them anymore. Someone posted, dripping with disapproval, about how a coworker celebrated a birthday month. A Birthday Month! I didn't even know that is an option. Sign me up. So Wild Abandon April it is.

First, and I do mean April 1st is Joey's birthday. Baby Dog is 14. When I started his cancer treatments 5 years ago I made a deal with him that he had to live to be 13 for it to pay off. Him being a dog and it being cancer it's wasn't really a deal I thought he would keep. Not only did he make it to 13 he lived each and every day of that year and is still going.

Second is yarn. I haven't bought yarn since the beginning of November. That's five months of not buying yarn. Five long, hard, arduous months of not buying yarn. So I'm buying yarn every week in April. I had better get on that today or I'll miss this week.

Third is knitting whatever I want. As much or as little with no thought of finishing or goals or contests or anything. So what am I knitting now? Christmas gift socks that I can enter into a contest. Also, a lace shawl also for a contest. But whatever I want. Right?

March is over and I haven't taken photos. But I did finish things. I actually finished four. I may pull out the camera today. Or maybe not. Wild Abandon April! Oh baby, I live a crazy not taking photos life.

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