Sunday, September 18, 2011


Ethereal August was all in the preparation for Steampunk epicness. I'll get to that later. Maybe next week.

And now onto the epic box from senjiva.

The first thing I opened was a beautiful project bag

I was distracted by the loot and didn’t look at it closely so more on it later.

Next was a cheerful small project bag and it was just stuffed full. Thank you for the Burt’s Bees lipbalm. I’m wearing it now and it smells delicious.

I clapped my hands with glee when I pulled out the chatelaine. It holds a locket, scissors, needle case with darning needles. There is also the sweetest hand made with love charm. senjiva I’m truly touched that you made me this. The chatelaine alone would have been enough but there is so much more in the box.

I love to read. This is a steampunk zombie book. Steampunk Zombie! I’ve only started it but the main charter is my favorite type, an ordinary woman. A factory worker, maybe poorer than most. I can’t wait to get to the burning dirigible. It’s about here in the unwrapping that I notice the ordinary woman theme of the package. senjiva did her stalking well.

This bookmark pleases me to no end. When I use it I feel special and fancy. Thank you. It’s little luxuries like this that brighten a day.

More small luxuries in not one, but two embroidered hankies. They are as delicate as air and perfect.

A needle threader which is so useful since my morning tremors are starting to become afternoon tremors and small tasks like threading a needle aren’t as easy as they used to be.

Buttons! Cog Buttons!! I’ve wanted these ever since the teaser photo went up. I even looked for them locally but couldn’t find any. I’m going to use them on Dimorphous Mittens and I’m very excited about it.

I let Kiddlet open this package and the first thing he did was this.

It took some doing to convince him it’s worn like this. I love the newsboy brim. The faded indigo blue is beautiful. The copper buttons are wonderful. It fits me like a dream in every way, my head, my style, it’s perfect!

a top hat for me to decorate. I see some goggles here. And maybe silk roses.

Wonderful tea in the best packaging.

Gorgeous cards! I love the gilt. I’ve already used them. Thank you

Tea biscuits barely show because I needed a close up. First is the Mango Ginger candy. I love mango and ginger I didn’t know I could have both in a candy. They are wonderful. Sweet and chewy with a kick at the end.

Finally, and this one made me laugh senjiva you won the day. You found a foot cream with hand knit socks and cogs. Cogs! Hand knit socks! I love it! Love.It.

(update, senjiva is friends with the publishing house that distributes this foot cream to yarn stores and cogs were put on one just for me)

We have to come back to the project bag. It wasn’t until everything was unwrapped that I truly looked at it. The simple drawstring bag is deceptively cool. First off it has a pocket on the inside. This is a most useful feature and I appreciate it. There is the sweetest little tag inside too. The top has a neat closure. senjiva I’m so impressed!

Because I love the chatelaine so very much.

Thank you senjiva everything is perfect.

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needlefingers said...

Very cool swap swag!

Btw, Earl Grey is wonderful with a tiny bit of vanilla added. I had some iced tea in Asheville last year fixed that way, and the taste reminded me of the sweet smell of irises.