Sunday, September 25, 2011

Checking up on Ethereal August

More projects that I made for the Steampunk Swap.

These turned out great. However, if I had noticed the Elm Leaf lace pattern was the same lace as the Zokni I might have picked a different lace cuff.

The pattern is well written and clear, after all it is a KnitSpot pattern, it’s just a person failing on my part that I don’t like knitting these particular lace leaves. At least it’s over quick

What did I like knitting? The handspun silk cocoon strippings yarn. The yarn turned out even better than I could hope. It has a subtle rustic shimmer and a nice crisp hand that loosens with use and comes back with a wet blocking. I bought the bag of cocoon striping as Midwest 2005? when I took the silk weaving class from Karen of Treenway Silks. I've been spinning it off and on ever since.

I made a matching Lace Choker. I knit it the night before shipping so I loosely followed the pattern not having time to master new techniques. Picot Cast On wasn't hard but as my first try it was coming out with tension issues. Instead, I knit it from the top down and did a crochet cast off. I'm going to knit one for me following the pattern

A delicate set, refined and rustic with a hint of dystopia about them, perfect for the refined space pirate.

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