Friday, May 25, 2012


A is for Apartment.

I've signed a lease! I'm packing and moving. It's a small little place with the second smallest kitchen I've ever seen. The smallest didn't have a stove. This one has a stove and a dishwasher.

It has a bathtub and the bedroom should fit my queen size bed with ease. Most importantly it's close to work. It's the cheapest place I looked at and the neighborhood looks safe enough.

It was a struggle to find this place. I either make too much or too little to rent to. The places that didn't care I didn't care to make an appointment to look at. When the bars on the windows show in the ad photo it doesn't inspire confidence.

I finally found this place when yet another apartment turned me down because of my income amount (this time too high) and I asked them to recommended a place. This one was the suggestion. I kept looking after seeing this kitchen but I came back. Nowhere else was as right.

Aqua nails- an ombre mani. It appears that I now own 5 colors of aqua polish.Enjoy the chips and the polish on the cuticles because I'm cool like that.

While looking for apartments I did have a DE-ja-vou moment. Let me back track to before I was even thinking of looking at apartments.

 The night after we found the french bulldog taking a nap in the street- I dreamed of walking a bulldog and finding the PERFECT apartment. A good friend said I must rent it. That this is The Place. It had colonial styling and patios and a bistro. I wanted to rent it so badly but it was too expensive. End of dream.

When I was driving around looking at apartments I took a wrong turn and ended on another road also full of apartment buildings. I chose an entrance as my turn around spot. Driving in I recognized it from my dream. It had colonial styling and patios and bistro chairs in the quad. The day was a stunningly beautiful day so the sky sparkled and the whole place just glowed. It was also too expensive.

The smallest tiniest studio was a little more than my budget. I thought on it a while since in my dream it was The Place. Maybe it was a sign. But my dream wasn't about the smallest studio and my budget is too tight as it is. Besides, I didn't rent it in my dream.

I'm glad I kept looking since the apartment I leased is bigger and comes in under my budget amount. The other place isn't going anywhere I could rent it later and I dream new dreams every night.

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