Tuesday, May 29, 2012


It's pretty obvious I started this meme only because I wanted to do A is for Apartment so badly. But lets see if i can keep it going. Maybe I can space it so I have M is for Moving.

My lunch box went missing. Not surprising since it was exactly the same as the other 30 employee appreciation insulated lunch bags in the wall of refrigerators at work. 

I was ready for something different. Something smaller and neater and easier to transport. And most importantly easier to pick out from the crowd on my breaks.
I ordered a bento box with my Amazon points. This is my first free purchase. I'm very pleased with it and this is the first time I've ever cashed in points. I'm going to like my Amazon card.
Buffy and Big Bang Theory are the DVDs my brother gave me for Christmas.

He had hand surgery this spring and has been driving out to KU Med 2 times a month for checkups. He scheduled his last appointment for my birthday. I took the day off and he, my dad and I spent the day together.

We ate Indian food and did a little shopping along with the few hours spent at KU Med. At our stop at Half Priced Books my Brother found me season two of Buffy. I'm super excited to watch it although I packed it away today. It will have to wait a bit longer.

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