Friday, October 19, 2012


Happiness is working at something and having it go your way.

When I picked out my apartment in March I paid a down payment and was given a receipt and a handwritten form of the deceleration of the rent. We had discussed everything and the final number included everything, the pet rent, my not getting the apartment upgrade, no carport, ect ect. 

The walkway to my apartment. Photos taken labor day weekend after the rain.

When it came check in day I was informed that the amount didn't include the pet rent and they slapped an extra $15 a month onto my lease. She was real nice but the pet rent spot was blank. I weakly argued it at the time, but mostly I was in shock. I felt trapped. Although, this was hands down the nicest apartment I looked and the most economical. Who am I kidding. It was down right the cheapest. The extra $15 a month barely brought on par with the tiny or nasty places I had looked at. I signed the lease at the new price.

The view from my apartment door

My budget is tight but $15 dollars doesn't effect it too much. It's next year that it's an issue. For the first year you get 1/2 a month free and that amount is divided by 12 so each month is less. I know how much it will go up next year. Add on the $15 to that and possible inflation and next year the rent might not be doable for me. At that point $15 is make it or break it and I hate moving.

There is always color. wildflowers, turning leaves, new growth

Every month as I went into pay my rent I sat down and brought up this issue. In only six visits I now have a new contract printed and signed with the original amount. I'm happy that I'm quietly stubborn. I'm a rock, a wall, and my loyalties and convictions are just as solid. I don't disagree with people but I don't go away or change my mind or give in. Sometimes it doesn't work. Sometimes I stubborn myself into breaking something (mostly computers). But most of the time it does.

Where the Blue Heron fishes at dawn.

But this happiness isn't about my being stubborn. This is about this apartment I love having the blemish erased away. In doing that they have just gained my devotion. My happiness in this place is no longer tinged with sour. It is all sweet.

Just like the cookies I made. The cookies are stupid sweet. Baking is happiness too.

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