Saturday, January 31, 2015

Finishing 2014

2014 slipped a way from me and I had a long list of things I needed to do to finish up the year. I let them all go except this. I need to post the rest of the Thank You photos of listeningmoth fantastic swap package.
She collected garnets for me. Garnets are one of my favorite and it's so cool that she could just go out and collect some. ok, just go out might be understating. I believe she drove a ways. The whole thing is just too cool!
The garnets are the little red dots so I also received a jeweler's loop to see them better.

She crocheted a bit of lace around the stone.

A knit cowl in the colors Chrysocolla. I wear this all the time! I have a sweater in a similar color and I love to layer this over top. It's a truly gorgeous knit.

She made me a puzzle where I have to match the rock up with it's name.

 This one goes here. Isn't it pretty?
It took me a while but it's finished!

The tin is salt and there was really yummy maple sugar candy. So very yummy.

Thank you, listeningmoth! I really love it!

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