Thursday, November 19, 2015


The house is a modest ranch home built in the 50s and yet it’s the most beautiful house I’ve ever seen. I’m, perhaps, a bit biased but I figure anything that costs the equivalent of 767 hand dyed sweater quantities of yarn should illicit a little pride

I’m starting with the closets since there is something compelling about KonMari closets. Also because I HAVE CLOSETS! Where my apartment had one for my clothes and one for the vacuum, this house has one for coats, and another for linens, and another for my clothes, and two for yarn, and yet another that I don’t even have enough stuff to put in it.

The coat closet. All the coats and accessory and daily shoes.

Basket on the floor for the accessories I’m keeping. They will need a better method at some point.

Tote of gifts on top.

Also, all my cleaning supplies. I hope once the garage is empty of boxes I can make a place to keep them there.

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