Saturday, November 21, 2015

Stash Enhancement

I went to the Creative Hand sale today to support my friends and buy spinning fiber.

Yarn is almost ubiquitous, even locally hand dyed yarn isn't hard to come by. However, spinning fiber takes some effort to track down. I usually take a fiber vacation and travel to a convention or a festival but that didn't happen this year. Creative Hand is local and filled the need. With only three or four fiber artist featuring spinning fiber it's a smaller selection but still ample.

First, an art batt that comes with corresponding beads to either spin into the yarn or use to embellish the project. 100g of Divine Fibers by Spellspun Yarns.
Art batts must be my theme of the day since I also bought 5oz of Mulligan Stew by Bonkers.

Perhaps a small haul but enough to keep me busy for a few months.

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