Friday, November 20, 2015

Colored Glass

My guest bath has a window that looks out onto the front porch. It's not that it just looks out onto the front porch but it's right next to the doorbell so that if anyone is at the door they can't help but look in at the facilities.

To make the room usable the window needs to be dealt with. A curtain might be the easiest but the window is narrow and deep and would need a custom curtain. Glass etching is also an option, however, I wanted something less boring and glass etching a window in patterns is more than I'm ready to take on.

After looking at ideas online I decided on glass paint for a stained glass look.

Some glass broke in the move and made a perfect palette for testing colors. I used it while still in the frame so I wouldn't need to worry about sharp edges. I also practiced my brushwork since the examples online showed that glass paint isn't very forgiving.

Once I picked my colors I cut then out of the sampler. It makes opening the pots easier and eliminates the chance of using the wrong color. I thought about drawing out a color diagram but was too impatient and will pick color placement as I go.

I'm using thin coats for a neater application and letting them dry for several hours between coats.

It's going to be a ongoing process. The amber pane has five coats already and I think is a bit more than half done. The dirty looking pane on the left is one coat of purple. The pane on the right is seven coats of frost. I think the frosted pane is finished but will reevaluate as the rest of the window fills in.

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