Saturday, June 09, 2007

I cleared out my kitchen

I cleared out my kitchen. I decided to keep my opened containers of food since throwing them out would be wasteful. But I haven’t gone grocery shopping since April 28th so there wasn’t that much left.

My secret weapons.

An apartment sized deep freeze.

A crock pot, large stock pot, and a roaster.

A whole bunch of gladware freezer containers.

Open the deep freeze. I have a bag of lamb bones from the last time I roasted a lamb. I’m going to make homemade broth with it. There is also a pound of mystery meat.

It took a good long while but it’s done. I’ve cleaned out the science projects growing in the back of the refrigerator. I have condiments and some string cheese left. Yes, I do have 4 types of mustard, what of it? You can’t see the labels but I also have 3 types of vinegar in the bottom shelf in the door. And, yes I do need to buy my salsa by the gallon. Don’t you?

Inside the refrigerator freezer I have a package of hot dogs I keep on hand to give my dog medication. While it’s not for me I’m not against eating it if I have to. I also have a little bit of shredded cheese left. I do keep a lace shawl in the freezer. It is pretty, isn’t it?

The freezer door is full of nuts. They are just too good to let go of. But seeing as I am hoping to do this for a year and not a week I’m keeping them. I have pecans, almonds, walnut, pine nuts, and sunflower seeds all bought for a stuffing and baking I didn’t do last thanksgiving. Maybe now I’ll find a use for them. There is also half a bag of raspberries also bought for thanksgiving.

I put away all of my canned goods. Some I am donation to a food pantry but most of it I’m keeping just in case this doesn’t work out. If it does it will get donated too.

3 bags I donated to my apartments food drive.

7 bags that I will keep until the next apartment food drive or I realize that this actually is impossible.

I have a cabinet holding open containers of sugar, brown sugar, powdered sugar, and honey. There are also jars of home made jam that I am keeping. They were a Christmas gift and don’t count. On the bottom shelf there is an open box of tea and a container of lemon aid drink mix.

My cooking cabinet. The top shelf is baking supplies. The middle is red pepper and garlic and other savory spices. The bottom shelf is sea salt and pepper and, may I brag a bit, a container of saffron.

I there is the spice rack on the counter. Along with vegetable oil and spray and some pancake syrup. It’s that syrup that decided me on keeping the open containers. There was no way I was going to toss out any amount of Mrs. Butterworth’s.

The dry goods cabinet with corn meal and some black wild rice.

My flour canisters. It turns out I only have corn meal and a little bit of whole wheat left.

There you go a practically empty kitchen. Now to buy a week’s worth of groceries.

I’ll go ahead and start the lamb bones for broth.

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