Friday, June 15, 2007

T.G.I.F Friday

It’s TGIF Friday again. This week I finished a baby sweater. It’s a modified Baby Ole’ knit out of Sockotta. None of the babies that were waiting to be born when I started this sweater turned out to be girls so I’ll hold on to this one. It’ll be nice to be ahead in the baby knitting.

I’m farther along on the Weekend Sweater after having some gauge issues I’m now having problems with my yarn. It’s my handspun and I must not have been paying attention when I spun it, or maybe I spun with a long break between the batches. Whatever, but I have seem to have run out of the fat yarn I need for the sweater. The rest of the yarn is worsted weight instead of bulky. I’m now holding 2 strands together. It’s not affecting my gauge much but this part of the sweater is quite stiff. Bullet proof even. I’ve thought about ripping it all out and starting over with different yarn but the sweater is half done and looks so good. I’ve pretty much decided to keep going until it’s done. I’ll wash it before weaving in the ends so I can frog it to reclaim the yarn if it’s unwearable. So far this has not been a good year for me and sweaters.

I’m knitting fixation into rippled socks. Have I mentioned that Betsy said her socks are too itchy to wear? So she sent them back and I’m trying again. This project also is giving that little gnawing feeling in the back of my brain as I knit. I knit and washed a gauge swatch and it shrunk a full stitch per inch. So I took that into account when I cast on. But the socks are now so big I just don’t feel that it’s possible for them to shrink enough to fit. I’m going to wash the first sock before I start on the second to get that little negative voice to shut up.

My final sock I’m thrilled with. This sock is knit 100% while doing school work. I knit the ribbing and the turned the heel while reading the many chapters I’m assigned every night. The strait parts I knit under the table during the lecture portion of class. It’s sort of ironic that this is yarn is just the best to watch the stripping and that I’m knitting these socks where I can’t even see them. I’m also having to knit them on bamboo size 0 which I think is a little thick for this yarn. But I can’t handle 2 circs without looking. The fabric isn’t as firm as I like my socks to be but being able to knit during 4 hours of lecture is worth it. Summer classes are intense. May I point out that is 4 hours, 3 times a week, for 1 class. Intense.

The yarn I’m using is On Line and I think it will be my new go to yarn if all of it stripes as nice as this. Now that Opal and Fortisama and even Regia have priced themselves past the amount I’m happy paying for a commercial dyed sock yarn I have been looking for my new basic yarn. This is still moderately priced and the colors of my sock are stunning. Although, the display sock in the store was pretty hideous so they aren’t all winners. And it’s a bit hard to find. I have 4 LYS and only one of them carries the yarn. I mentioned to the owner that I appreciated her carrying it since it’s so hard to find and she said that it was a difficult company to work with. That makes me sad because in my fantasy world of yarns, yarn stores, and their suppliers everything is all milk, honey, roses, and fluffy angora bunnies.

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