Friday, June 08, 2007

The Sedalia Sheep and Wool festival

The Sedalia Sheep and Wool festival was last weekend. 3 days of fun. The vender booths open on Friday morning and stay open late Friday night with slightly shorter hours on Saturday and Sunday. Classes are taught during this time too.

I went with a few of my Fiber Guild friends and we stayed all 3 days. I camped and they shared a room. I was so much wooly goodness that I don’t know were to start. I could go on for pages about the fun we had but instead I’ll just post the photos.

Icelandic wool yarn from Tongue River Farm

Pygora goats

Chris and her winning rabbit. It was my first time watching a rabbit show. What fun.

zephyr yarn by the ounce.

Susan's Fiber Shop. She has everything. Look at that sock yarn. She had some of the TOFUtsies sock yarn.

Covered fleeces. Sooooo nice.

Don't spin? Buy a fleece, give them to thease guys (and Gail was there too, she also does this) and they send you back your fleece as yarn. I love small mills.

Deb's dyed rovings. She has merino this year.

Frog Tree yarns were avalible.

I came home with some beautiful processed brown fleece from Donna’s booth. Her fleeces are always nice. This feels like it still has lanolin in it so I need to be sure to spin it soon rather than later. Spinning a fresh lanolin fleece is wonderful but once it hardens it’s not so nice. We also (ok actually I was just told about it after the fact) bought K.T.’s fleece for Julie. She left KC for a convent in Colorado and we miss her. However, I have been dubbed the ‘New Julie’ because of the 000 needles I use to knit socks. As the ‘New Julie’ I have been informed that I am in charge of driving everyone around when they get old.

Then I picked up 2 skeins of Icelandic wool yarn from Tongue River Farm. Sport weight I think. I’m in love. The yarn is actually crisp and soft at the same time. I want to make 2 color mittens out of them. When Terry’s daughter (sorry nobody could think of her name) showed us the Pi R Square she was knitting and the book Knitting Around by EZ I found just the mittens I want to make. I would have picked up the book there but Susan had already sold out. Now I can borrow a library copy although it’s a book I would like to own. Maybe later. After those I hope to have enough yarn left to make a pair of my own design.

Finally I picked up some cotton yarn the Deb dyed.

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