Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My Knitting Fantasy Life

So I'm knitting right along for Single Skein September. I have so many photos on my camera that I'm avoiding them so it's not making it onto the blog. At least not yet.

Anyway, I have my queue all lined up. I can't wait to cast on my next hat as soon as this hat is finished. But then wait! Look at that shinny yarn in that basket. It's supposed to be a cowl. I'll knit that instead. Ok, good. I cast it on.

Then I read the EZ wool tights knit along and soon I'm remembering that winter is coming and I really want some wool yoga pants and have for years. I think about that for days and have the yarn and color picked out. It will be my next yarn purchase since I've just earned another.

This morning I pull down the book, read the pattern, love it and 'poof' the urge to knit it is gone like I had already finished knitting them. Now I want to use the yarn purchase for some super soft bulky Alpaca that I was eying at LYS. It would make a lush vest, I know just the one. I look at that yarn on Ravelry, look and look. Realize no matter how much I think it should only take 3 skeins most people need 5 of that alpaca. But it only takes one skein of Cascade Eco from my stash and now all I have to do is decide it I want it in my red or in my white. I'm planning on casting it on tonight. It is one skein and will fit right into SSS. I'm planning on casting on tonight but what will I think about it tonight?

My knitting fantasy life is in overdrive right now. It has no rhyme or reason and is actually becoming a little exsasuting. I've started reading on my lunch at work. I have to something to shut it off.

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