Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Single Skein September

I'm joining Single Skein September this year. Single skeins are the single balls of yarn that are the impulse buys, or the sale yarn, or the super expensive yarn that only one ball can be justified. It is harder to find projects that use the single skeins so after a while they multiply and clog up the stash. SSS to the rescue. The goal is to knit as many single skein projects as possible. At the end yarn is given to the winners. Single skeins of yarn of course.

In preparation I finished the knitting on Gaenor, Silverbell, and Maile. All of them need the finishing done, blocking, buttons, whatever. But that leaves me ready to start September with all new projects. I'm starting with the Bramblewood vest out of a single skein of Cascade Eco wool.

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