Wednesday, September 08, 2010


I washed and blocked Gaenor and carefully pinned it out on my blocking mats. I stretched it so that the garter ridges ran parallel. Each point shaped and pinned. I admired it, stepped back, admired it some more, and then reshaped it. Finally I was satisfied and I walked away pleased with life and my knitting. Not long after I heard the softest plink noise and then another. plink plink

I look up from my computer to this. Sumi-e carefully pulling out each and every pin. I caught him in the act with a pin hanging from his mouth. There is no photo of the monster because my screech sent him scurrying not to be seen again.

He did drop the pin and none were eaten. No cats were harmed in this episode. Although, I did tell him he is this close to becoming the warmest fur mittens ever.

Here it is pinned out for a second time and not as carefully. Now it has to dry under a protective blanket.

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