Friday, May 06, 2011


Day 13

"Go out there dressed like that, you'll start a riot, Barbarella! There's a wardrobe through there. First left, second right, third on the left, go straight ahead, under the stairs, past the bins, it's the fifth door on your left. Hurry up!"

Today was a tiny little package about the size of a chapstick. Squishy chapstick. Our best guess was gloves, although really how could gloves get that small, or stockings or a tiny red bikini bottom. Although none of those was a good match for me or a Doctor Who swap.

Oh My Barbarella! This is perfectly stunning.

In my excitement I wasn't able to get a good photo of the whole thing. It's a long lace scarf of the most impossible blue.

Exquisitely knit and it's as light as a wisp of air. A wisp of air with neps.

amazing, beauteous, classy, delicate, elegant, fashionable, glorious, heavenly, impressive, jaspe, kalon, luxuriant, marvelous, natty, out of this world, pulchritudinous, quality, remarkable, spectacular, top notch, unique, valuable, wonderful, xenium, yowza, zephyr

There are no words in the dictionary capable of describing this.

A great big THANK YOU I LOVE IT! to onmilljellybeans

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