Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I'm a Nail Blog Now. Nail Blogs are Cool.

I've never had luck with painting my fingernails. I have a tendency to pick the polish off when bored or nervous but after painting my toenail I decided to give my fingers a shot.

The 88 cent polish washed off in the shower but the more expensive polish did pretty ok. Well enough that I was encouraged. However, a single chip or flaw and my will power breaks and I'm back to picking at it.

A little Internet research that said I need a top coat which led to a midnight impulse buy of essie. I was hooked. A whole lot more Internet research ensued. It appears that I need a base coat too. Also OPI.

OPI has a cult following rivaling Knit Picks, or Jarrod Flood, or Sanguine Gryphon . I could see that after a really hard day at work a midnight bottle of essie would be great retail therapy. I also knew I would end up trying OPI and if the heaven truly opened up and angels flew out that my having the essie around would be a disappointment. That started my quest of finding some OPI now rather than later.

First, OPI is only carried in a few stores. Stores that I would have to visit on a weekend. I am not a fan to weekend shopping but I resigned myself. Waking up early on a Saturday did not make me love this plan. The plan is one bottle of OPI or maybe a sample pack of the apparently to-be-coveted-and-hard-to-find Pirates of the Caribbean that seems to be sold out everywhere.

I step into ULTA and am pounced by the sales lady. When she found out that I wanted OPI she took me strait to Pirates of the Caribbean without my mentioning it. Ok, good start.

I wonder and wander around and wonder. There are about 150 colors but there isn't a single one color I wanted. I could narrow it down to 15 or zero but not one. Also? No iced aqua or any aqua. Teal... check. Mint Green... check. No Aqua. I'm very disappointed.

Zero was not an option after getting up on a Saturday morning. Besides I like how my nails are growing out and not splitting since I started using polish. However, the colors weren't calling to me. Or at least not screaming and shouting.

I finally pick up 2 sample packs. I'm a sucker for a deal and I wasn't planning on having a repeat of Saturday morning shopping anytime soon. It's nothing like midnight shopping. Not one bit.

Eight tiny cute little bottles. I'm going to wear every color so I might as well start on the left end.

my ironic photo

I applied the polish on Saturday and it's Tuesday now without a single chip or touch up. I'm still unsure about the color which has led to a new game. The game of matching my nails to things.

My nails are the color of...

weathered brick

sun bleached wood

limestone rock


pottery glaze

window blinds

my favorite sweater

angora bunny, or a hat knit from one.

remote control

Grandma's button tin.

kitty litter
the bathroom stalls at work
the bird poo in the top photo
the letters on my keyboard

It's like having a Pantone swatch on my fingertips.

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