Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Good times

The next morning classes start and I'm in a 3 day workshop on spinning yarn. I know pretty much everyone there and when I walk into the room I'm asked- "Um, why are you taking this class don't you know more than the teachers?" seriously, I was asked that. And it's true. And it's not. I always learn something new that is worth the cost of admissions.

This class was on spinning the yarn we want with the emphasis on specialty and art yarns.

My bulky singles yarn.

Close up of the snarl yarn.

Some point on day two as we are washing the swatches to set the twist someone asked what we could do with this yarn and the instructor said there was enough to knit a hat and she would love to see one made some day. Many people disagreed. Others scoffed. The gauntlet was thrown.
That night I knit a hat. I knit a hat after a day of spinning and an evening of doing my homework for class the next day, and I was knitting it out of still wet yarn. Yes, I'm a bit intense like that. But I was mocking myself just as much as my dorm mates were mocking me as we hung out in the lobby that night.

It was worth it. I played it cool, not wanting to look like a nut who knit a hat in one night out of still wet yarn. But it didn't take long for someone to bring up the idea of a sample hat again.

That was my cue! I whipped it out, called my instructors name, and threw it to her. She squeeeeed. The class broke down in tears they were laughing so hard. Photos were taken. I was mocked for knitting with wet yarn. It was perfect. Better than I had hopped. Better than I could have dreamed. Good times.

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