Friday, February 24, 2012

Purple Water

Friday was the start of the conference and I had a day long class on plaiting with the goal of plaiting a hat.

Before lunch we covered the techniques by weaving a square, a basket, and a sphere out all of newspaper. My sphere is decidedly pill shaped since I wasn't willing to stop. After lunch we moved onto a hat.

There's my hat!
A better photo. I am set for the apocalypse and can weave everyone I know a sun hat, as long as our supply of wallpaper lasts.

At least my wall paper has a bamboo and reed design on it.

The conference comes with 3 sessions in the package. The day before was a two session class. That means on Saturday I had a half day class. Usually, I buy the 4th session but this time I didn't. Instead I took a drive along Lake Superior.

I stopped at coves and in tiny towns. I walked on sand beaches and on red rock beaches. I hiked up a stream and I froze. It was so very cold. 50F and the water even colder. Hard to believe it was just days away from July.

That reminds me. It stayed light for so long into the night. A full 45 min longer than back home. The sun came up earlier too. So exotic.

I love how that the water is purple. I need yarn that looks like that.

I'm bring up the conference now, so many months after I went, because I'm on the planning committee for the next one. Midwest Weaving Conference 2013 is in Emporia, KS.

We are in full swing and it seems that all I think about anymore. Right now I'm in the process of writing the contracts for the instructors.

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