Thursday, February 23, 2012

Rest and Relaxation

After the 3 day pre-conference workshop there is a day of rest and relaxation before the conference starts. And when I say rest and relaxation I mean 14 hour of running around on bus tours, gallery walks, artist talks, shopping, exhibit openings, and more shopping.

I spent the day going to 3 conference board meeting, hitting the vendors twice, two galleries and three artist talks. I was gray with exhaustion when I made it back to my room. But what a day!

For all the shopping I did I didn't buy much. I had a strict budget too keep. However, that means it took longer to decide.

I bought hand dyed spinning fiber in an exotic combination of wool and banana fiber and matching silk hankies.

I love buttons. What was even better there was a box of random buttons all mixed together and at a discount. So there was the thrill of the search and on sale and handmade! Perfect.

I also picked up a knitting spool to knit wire. I've been churning out jewelery ever since.

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