Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Staying Forever

I've been dragging my feet about finishing the posts of my summer vacation. I've finally pinned it down. Since I traveled alone this wonder full week is all mine. Posting it makes it public.

However, I use my blog as a way of neatly documenting photos so I'm compromising and putting up photos and maybe captions and I will see where it goes from there.

My dorm room. That is a floor to ceiling window. A wall of glass.

The view from that wall of glass.

The view looking down. That's a walking trail from the dorm.

Turn around and there is the kitchen.
My bedroom.

The suit was about 800 maybe 900 sq ft. 4 bedroom and 2 baths and it was all mine. It was also beautifully done in tile and granite, glass and stainless steel. I loved it. I wanted to stay forever. It's much nicer than anyplace I've ever lived. One room could be for the bed, one for the computer, one for yarn and I would still have one left for guest. The guest bathroom could also be a dyeing studio. The only downside was no bathtub in the bathroom and no dishwasher in the kitchen. However, the gym in the lobby was a wonderful touch. So was the TV-show-ready kitchen and bar next to the gym, if the kitchenette in the suit wasn't enough.

The first night is always a bit of a letdown. Worn out from the long drive and before I've had a chance to meet anyone. Sort of lonely. This time more so since I was in the overflow dorm and didn't find any parties in the halls.

I made a run to the grocery store to stock the kitchen and a stop at Walmart to buy a CD player. I cooked dinner and finished another book on tape while spinning the buffalo fiber I won as a door prize at the 2009 convention. A nice circular touch.

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