Friday, February 01, 2013


This ABC meme originally came form an online writing class. I didn't know anything about the class but other blogs I read were doing it. One and all they didn't make it past ABC. I watched them start strong with very interesting posts, then fading out for a week or so, then coming back like it never happened. I was intrigued. I plotted out some post ideas. It didn't look hard and if I started I could be well sure I finished it.

Well, I finished it. Since this was a writing assignment let me list the things I learned.

1. Yes. I finished but it's a rather hollow victory. Everyone that stopped got to go out an play. The only thing that kept me going is I knew I would suffer never ending disappointment going back and reading the posts if I didn't finish. This is my diary and how I remember things. I didn't want 2012 to be a never ending disappointment. It is a little bit cool now that it's done.

2. No. It wasn't hard. It just wasn't fun. Pay attention and if I see everyone else bail after a few posts, just like a pattern on Ravelry that has been knitted only 5 times and nobody posted a photo it's because the pattern sucks. Don't buy into it.

3. Plotting a post out in advance makes it feel like it's already written.Then I feel no need to write it. I'm going to keep on composing on the fly, bad spelling and grammar mistakes and all.

4. Gratuitous yarn photo just because I can. 

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