Thursday, February 28, 2013

More Snow

The weather people were right. I woke up Tuesday to this and it didn't stop there and kept snowing all day.

Work closed on Tuesday but the snow had lightened to flurries by Wednesday so it was back to work.

Between the two storms I made a bitter bitter effort to find a snow shovel. I was irritated to be looking for something I didn't want that I knew didn't exists. I have nothing against snow shovels but my apartment has two closets. The coat closet and the clothes closet. So I could store it in with my dress coats or tucked in with my everyday clothes. I was pouty and bitter about either option. Well it was no surprise I didn't find a shovel and I stopped driving around looking once I felt that my duty as a work going adult was satisfied.

So Wednesday I need to dig my car out with no shovel. It wasn't nearly as buried as last time and this time it was only a 2 foot ridge blocking me from backing up. I can do this. I start in the smartest way possible. I start making a snowman.

It wasn't long until a little boy offered to loan me his toy snow shovel. Personally, I thought my snowman was doing a nice job of using up the snow but he is sweet so I accept. The toy shovel is brilliant. The scoop was a foot across and it held enough heavy wet snow I didn't want to lift more. It's small enough I can tuck it away in the truck of my car or under my bed. The label looked like it came from the dollar store so I could have one in the trunk of my car and under my bed. I'm going to have to remember to find one next fall.

 Joey's planning on not getting up until the snow goes away. yucky yucky snow gets between his toes.

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