Saturday, February 02, 2013

Running Behind

I'm knitting Magical right now. It's a brilliant sweater design but it has a flaw so common in kid sweater patterns today. Too many sizes.

Not that many years ago knitters whined and moaned about no patterns for big kids. They pretty much stopped at a 4T or maybe a 6. Never mind that an adult small is only 32 inches around the the  sweaters I knit for the 5 year olds are pretty trim fitting at 26 inches.They reach an adult small in a blink of an eye. Just knit the sleeves shorter.

Well times have changed. We are now flooded with patterns that start a 6 months at 17 inches and give every size up to kids 12 at 30 inches. I hate it. I have 14 pages of paper and I need to read 5 lines off of each page for the size I need.

Most knitters knit a pattern only once. I do like to knit patterns over but after knitting it one time I don't much need the pattern anymore. If the designers would sell 3 separate patterns baby, little kid, and big kid, they would have the same work in designing and formatting. Just place it in 3 files, not one. They would have to upload 3 PDF but I don't think that would be hard. Then the knitter could buy the size they needed. The designer would make the same number of sales.

The only person this would affect is the knitter that wanted to knit the same sweater for a baby and a preteen. And really, in that case they probably deserve to have to buy two patterns. It would give them the chance to think through that decision.

I need to get this sweater in the mail today. I'm working on it now but soon I leave for work and 4 hours of overtime. The only way I'm getting it in the mail today is if I use the 24 hour kiosk and call the early hours of the morning today "because I haven't gone to bed yet". I also want to have some cool labels and nice wrapping. Right now it looks like the cool labels will be a hand written card and the wrapping the shipper envelope. Maybe Monday morning will be soon enough.

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