Sunday, December 20, 2015


I'm making a garland of little socks and they are just so adorable that I can't stop. I should have it hung by now but instead I keep making more.


Growing up we didn't have dedicated Christmas stocking but instead used a real sock. When very little we did get to hang our mothers knee high socks but by the 5th grade I was laying out my own white and pink tube sock.

Knitting the little socks from sock scraps has been a blast to the past as I remember what I was doing when I knit each original pair.

The one on the bottom left I knit at the Chicago airport waiting for my father to fly in to drive the moving truck to Kansas City. Joey had been diagnosed with cancer the day before. The pink and black stripped on the right was a Christmas gift to a friend when I lived in Southern Illinois. The red one I knit as I was trying to find knitting groups when I was newly back to Kansas City. The orange was used to embellish the heels and cuffs of a brown pair for a friend that is now gone. The pink at the top next to it if from a baby sweater. 

It's wonderful to be giving each yarn a second life in my home.

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