Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Sympathetic Magic

Today is the first day of Winter and I'm growing a bit of springtime inside. Just so it doesn't get any crazy ideas about staying around too long. Also, because winter window gardening is so much easier and pleasant than gardening any other time of year.

As soon as I closed on the house I took a lovely housewarming gift card for the local nursery and bought bulbs. Crocuses in particular but also Dutch Iris and Hyacinth.

In doing this I found that I can plant thirty bulbs in one session and having more than three session worth on hand at once is a bad idea. Noting this now for next fall; make more than one trip to the nursery and don't buy everything all at at once. But with family's help I did get the last ones planted.

I saved some Hyacinth bulbs back for forcing inside. Apparently, I'm doing it all wrong having read the instructions for growing in water weeks after starting but I think it will still work fine. If not, I did hold three more bulbs back in the fridge for a second round.

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