Monday, June 12, 2017


The Friday before Memorial Day my washing machine stopped working mid load. Uh Oh! Then less than an hour later I flushed my toilet and water cascaded into my basement. Ack! I have an emergency fund but I'm not in a place I can buy a new washer and have a plumber come out and replace anything in the same week. Queue the hyperventilating.

That's why I have a home warranty.

I might never recoup the yearly cost, which make sense as I am paying for a concierge service. I'm buying the piece of mind of calling them and they take it from there. Repairmen start showing up at my place. Phone calls are made to me asking how I'm doing. As I take care of everything myself it's nice to be able to hand a problem over to someone else sometimes and they take care of it for a flat fee.

The plumbing was fixed in 24 hours. The washer took 10 days from start to finish (I waited a few days to open the claim because of Memorial Day) and this afternoon a beautiful new washer was installed.

I accepted the washing machine they offered rather than taking the smaller payout to apply toward buying one on my own, and it is hands down the nicest washer I've ever owned. Perhaps the bar is set low as I've only had very old, very used washers and between owning spent years going to a laundromat. But when I opened it and looked down and realized it's load capacity is about double of what I've had to date I could hear angles sing.

It was nice to have it professionally installed instead of my reading step by step through the manual. I have confidence I can install a washer but I'm pleased I didn't have too. Then they removed the old one for me too. No fuss no muss.

This is the year it expires from purchasing my home and I wasn't decided if I would renew but now I'm sold. I'll be keeping it for another year at least.

During those 10 days my bathtub got used for hand washing some tees so I could make it through. Clearly, I need more clothes if I can't go 10 days so I also bought some new graphic tees online. I know. Any excuse. It's taken a year to rebuild my collection in a size that fits but this order finally put me at a rotation I'm comfortable with.
I used the hand washing time to finish a sweater. I wove in the ends as the tees soaked then it took it's own bath. After two days of drying it's almost done.

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