Thursday, June 15, 2017

Demonstrating for the Class

For sweater knitting this week I watched Brad Pitt in World War Z.  It's another fast zombie movie but since they weren't super fast I didn't mind and the movie was better than I expected.

During the movie I reached the place of separating the sleeves from the sweater. When trying it on I decided I didn't like how the patterning on the back was distorting the fabric so I ripped it back to the neckline to try again.

As the photo of the yarn impersonating a pile of ramen noodles wasn't in focus, here is a shot of Galen and Sumi-e demonstrating the zombie head crushing technique.

Don't worry, no heads are being crushed. I used to stop this every time I saw it but Sumi-e is the one that instigates it and he seems to like it.

This is the third dog Sumi-e has lived with. He ignored Joey, he hid from Finn, but Galen is different for some reason, and they play together several times a day. If it gets to be too much, Sumi-e stalks off with disdain and glowers from inside the safely of the cage made by the coffee table legs.

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