Saturday, June 10, 2017

Preparing for the Zombie Apocalypse

Galen at the dog park showing off his Zombie fighting teeth.
So very fierce! And toothy!
Opp. Wait. Time to pose and be regal for the camera.

Season four of the Walking Dead everyone told Rick that he was still a good man and they did it all the time. It came up at least once an episode. If I was watching it weekly as it came out, like a normal person, I might not have noticed, but marathon watching it was glaring. Who were they trying to convince? Themselves? Rick? The audience?  Myself, I don't care if he is still good or not. I'm entranced and entrenched into the story.

With the first sweater done it's time for a new zombie apocalypse sweater. More digging deep into the dwindling stash. My computer died in December taking my stash spreadsheet with it but if memory serves it's from 2007. Yarn is FibraNatura Oak 50% Merino Wool 30% Silk 20% Linen.

I was excited to get it on clearance but then put it away for being... weird... with little tweedy bits of linen... and a brown that was just a little too red for my taste. It's perfect for that destructed, dirty, yet sexy look everyone sports during an apocalypse. It's also rich in lanolin (or spinning oil) and feels so good to knit. I'm glad that it survived every de-stash because it's beyond perfect.

Pattern is from my head as I go because there are no patterns in the apocalypse. There is barely scratch paper to draw out the schematic. I'm feeling pretty smug that I took the time to think through the sweater enough to have a schematic.

I splurged and bought season five of Walking Dead and plan to buy season six and seven too. In the meantime we spent the afternoon knitting on the couch after the dog park watching Will Smith in "I Am Legend"to keep the theme going. We do not like fast zombies at all. Yes, I know, it's plague movie and not really zombies but the fast is scary and way too fast to be believable and the crying dog distressed Galen quite a bit.

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