Monday, November 05, 2007


I knit the sleeves up. Since the body of the sweater was so big I may have knit the sleeves a bit big too. Maybe by an inch, maybe even two inches. But when I was happy with them I did the math and I was right at 33% of 190. I used this as an excuse to do nothing to the body. It must be fate. Or me twisting the information to be what I wanted not what it really is. But is there a difference? So I’ll have another oversized sweater to add to my closet.

It could be pointed out that I don’t wear either of my 2 other oversized sweater and I rationalized this way. Both of them are 44” around this one is only 42” I’m sure those 2 inches will make all the difference. Also I’m going to knit 2 or 3 more inches to the body so it’s a long oversized sweater. I’ve learned my lesson that a 44” really short sweater never gets worn because it makes me look stumpy and heavy. The other one is long but I don’t wear it either. The ribbing flares out at the bottom after felting it a little bit in the machine to make it smaller. I am ignoring that it went into the machine because I wasn’t wearing it.

I’m just sure that the 2 inches will make all the difference.

No really, it will.

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