Saturday, November 03, 2007

At the Crossroads

Ok, there are a few ways I can deal with this.

Pull it all out and start over

Pull it out to the color work band, decide where around my hips it should rest, measure and map the inches to my waist, decrease away 30 stitches, the do the same and increase back up to the bust to 175 stitches or so.

The second is more complicated and much more prone to error and of course is the one I’m leaning toward. And do I want 160 stitches at the waist or more? Do I want my original 160 at the bust or do I now think that would be too snug? I’m pretty sure it would be too snug. Would 175 be better? Tinkerbelle was a Luster Longwool/Romney cross. Not soft at all, but surprisingly, not scratchy either and the yarn is shiny and smooth and a little crunchy with almost no drape. I’m now thinking 160 wouldn’t have been what I wanted either. All ready I’m scribbling out equations and feeling all sorts of unsure of myself.

I do know I want to make the saddle shoulder sweater from EZ No More Tears. So for now I’m putting the body aside and I’m knitting a sleeve to fit. EZ says the sleeve should be 33% of the body for this sweater so when I have the sleeve I can then figure out the bust size I want.

I really should just knit the sleeves first. I did that with the lopi sweater and it seems that I didn’t learn my lesson that ripping out and reknitting a sleeve is much nicer than doing that to the body of the sweater. I think I was too absorbed with the fact I had to rip out the sleeve. Now I know.

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