Friday, November 02, 2007


Some days I hate my brain. Oh, usually it works well enough. It gets me by in regular life. It has even garnered me an invitation to join Mensa. But in some ways, It. Just. Does. Not. Work.

I was knitting along on the Spartan sweater having a grand time listening to The Fellowship of the Ring and then The Two Towers on tape and at an inch an hour had finally almost finished the body. Well, the tape measure said the body was almost long enough but it sure looked a bit stubby to me. But who can tell all bunched up on circular needles. I kept on knitting. 2 inches later it was for sure long enough and the stubby look was still there.

With growing dread I pulled the knitting off the needle and beheld an incredibly wide sweater and not the slim sweater I had cast on. Hmmm, gauge problem? I had been checking my gauge all along and it was spot on. I check it again. Nope, it’s still fine.

I measure it, I try it on, I push it and stretch it. Nothing comes to me. I count my stitches 3 times. It is the perfect 190 stitches. Somehow it is still too big.

I finally pull out my calculation card with all the scribbled and crossed out and erased math bits. And right there. Right in the center. With a big circle drawn around it and little stars marking it was my cast on number.



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needlefingers said...

Gah - I hate that. I did that three times on a sweater once, never understanding why the pattern repeats weren't working out. Um, maybe because I kept casting on the number of sts you were supposed to have 'after' the increasing.