Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Knitting on Cabblestone is Finished

I finished the knitting on Cobblestone last night and tried it on. I love it. Big and comfy but not too big. Pink but not too pink. Waist shaping would make it better but even so it's a good sweater. Maybe even a great sweater. Tonight I'll graft the underarms and tuck in the ends and it will be done. I can wear it on Thursday since I don't think we will be painting in Color Theory class.

Today I am wearing the other sweater I cast on and finished in November. I bought 4 skeins of Briggs & Little on sale and was so excited that I started swatching that night. 6 days later I had a finished sweater. And this time I was smart. I took out my favorite sweater of all time, a cotton sweater bought at Penny's a few years ago. I measured everything. The width, the armhole depth, the waist shaping and drew a schematic before I started. Then using knitting Without Tears I did an EZ percentage system saddle shoulder sweater with wast shaping and a panel of lace and cables down the front. It matches my schematics exactly and yet the hip shaping is a bit too abrupt and the waist shaping too high. Goes to show that measurements from a freshly washed cotton sweater don't transfer over well to wool. But overall this sweater is a succes. And the minor problems it does have can be fixed with a steam block. I'm wearing it right now.

I want to post photos but next week is the last week of school. That means 3 final projects, a paper, and portfolio review. I have very little motivation and have squandered my morning online. Having typed that I might be motivated to start working for the day.

Anyway, no photos this week or next. Maybe photos the week after. I have so much to show. It seems that I've been buying some yarn.


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