Sunday, July 26, 2009

Finish Line

Today is the last day of the tour. I didn't get all of my goals met, especially since yesterday I went on a detour and spent a few hours spinning on a new project. However, I did spin everyday and tackled large chunks of even larger projects. Without something as concentrated as the tour de fleece they would have languished. As it is, all the projects are much closer to completion.
The last bobbin of 8oz of merino. Now to spin something to ply with it since I want it to be a sweater. I went stash diving and I think white alpaca will give it a nice frothy look.

Stash diving for spinning fibers was a bit worrysome. It's getting small. I had to take a deep breath and relize that even if the totes, baskets, and the fleeces stuffed up the chiminy are getting depleated I still have years worth of spinning on hand. I have 2 pounds of cotton. That is a few years of spinning right there.

Project 16
Cast on and all the knitting done in bars with classmates. It seems that other people scrapbook, I knit memory socks.
Stash buster mystery sock yarn that glitters.

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