Monday, July 20, 2009

Checking In

All the photos are still on the camera. There are now so many it feels overwhelming to deal with them, so I don't.

But I have been spinning every day. Let look at my goals.

Goals for Team Hopelessly Overcommitted:
silk for a handwoven scarf- good thing I checked in today I can't even think of what this is.
cotton for a bath towel- spinning and spinning and spinning and I still have many hours to go.
silk for a knitted lace shawl- working on it, but this is not a project that will be finished this year it is so big

Team All Spun Up
I have 5 bobbins and right now on each bobbin is a different fiber/project. My goal is get as many of the 5 all spun up so I can have my bobbins back. It’s making plying impossible.

Bobbin of soysilk- done. Actually all of the soy silk is done.
Bobbin of lama/angora is done, ok so all of the lama/angora is done.
Bobbin of wool is done.
Bobbin of cotton, see above
Bobbin 5 I'm not thinking about until cotton is done.

And I have 8oz of wool spun. That is half of a sweater. Now to spin the alpaca to ply with it.

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