Saturday, July 25, 2009

Project 15

This one I pulled out of the started projects basket almost done. Most of the knitting was accomplished in April and all it needed was the sleeves.
I am very pleased with how this sweater turned out. I tried out new shaping on it. Instead of narrowing for the waist at the side seams that is so common on sweaters, I put in back darts while leaving the front to hang strait from the bust. This helps cover my tummy while still giving slim shape to the back. I'm going to shape more of my sweaters this way.

The pattern is Cavern and the yarn is Mission Falls from back before they shut down and then reopened. Is that important? Maybe not, but when they shut down my favorite yarn was going to be gone forever so I bought all I could. Even with a few sweaters worth on hand I worried about knitting it since I wouldn't have the yarn anymore. Sure, they are making more but I hear it's not the same. Not really.
I love the cute tie in front. It is just a crochet chain stitch. Now to find a better shirt to wear under it. I picked that one because the neck line shape echoes the sweater, but looking at it in the photos I don't like it. I'll try a collared shirt next.

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