Sunday, December 13, 2009

Cheap A$$ Swap

I revived my box in the mail from a Cheap A$$ Secret Pal Swap. The goal is to send a nice package to your pal for very little outlay of cash by stash diving, looking around your home, and some shopping. Thank you sdmisha. This is a truly fantastic.

Here is an overview of what was in the box.
The gummy bears are missing since I already ate them before getting out the camera. Yumm
I didn't know that Berroco made a sock yarn. It's the same composition of Berroco Comfort that I just love using for kids sweaters. Right away I cast on the navy yarn to be a baby sweater for Christmas, or rather New Year giving. A brand new baby boy will be very happy.
Lotion and a calendar, both very handy to have around. I've already hung the calender over my desk. It cuts down on the stress not seeing how many days of knitting are left before Christmas.Squeee. I've lusted after some Harrisville yarn for about forever now. I love how it's made. I love that it's crunchy and squooshy and everything a good rustic wool yarn should be. I love the heathered colors, especially this color Seagreen.

My SP must have done a lot of sleuthing to know me so well. Getting 2 yarns, one that I want to cast on right away (the Comfort) and one that I want to stash almost as trophy yarn (Highland) is a very good gift indeed.

Every winter package needs coffee and chocolate. No, every knitting package needs coffee and chocolate. A festive chocolate peppermint coffee and an organic dark chocolate bar.
A close up of the chocolate is needed. It had orange zest and lots of spices in it. It was so dark and rich and spicy with lots of fresh citrus taste. It's a truely splended chocolate.
This is the head and below is the tail of one of the knitted Whale cat toys. Sumi-e stole one and then the other before I got to them in the photo shoot. I think he likes them.Finally to round out an awesome package is a nice note form my SP and a batch of pretty note cards. Thank you sdmisha.Sumi-e after a hard day of playing with catnip whales.

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Michelle said...

I'm so glad you like your package, especially the yarn, from my stash to yours!