Saturday, December 26, 2009

Getting Caught Up

First, the people that are perpetuating the idea that a white Christmas is desirable can stop now. It's a nice song but there is no reason to add the idea to our culture since it doesn't add to the commerce of Christmas and the economy or to the spiritual meaning either. It's actually counter productive since so much of Christmas is driven by travel. I love looking at snow. I love playing in it. I really love skiing. But seriously, a white Christmas is the last thing I want.

I got one anyway. It didn't live up to the hype. Neither the magic Christmas snow or of the weather forecasters hype either. The forecasters hype is a whole other rant and if you read this blog I'm sure you've heard me go on and on about it.

Enough of that, now to get caught up on my knits.

A baby sweater for a knitting friend and her baby. I should write up this pattern. It's so easy and quick and cute. This sweater is made up of the leftovers from making the blanket.
The blanket is made by my Tuesday morning knitting group. Everyone knitted and square and then we crocheted it together. Mine is the orange square on the 3rd row.
The baby modeling the sweater. Isn't the mama the cutest ever?

These photos are almost 2 months old now. At the time we didn't know the sex of the baby. It turns out to be a little girl. Also, I feel bad not putting up the photos of all the other great knits she got that day. But it's my blog and this post isn't really about a 2 month old shower but about knits I've finished. So moving on...

These socks took almost a year to knit since I mostly didn't knit on them.
Yarn is Brown Sheep Wildfoote pattern is Zokni. A well written pattern but not one I'll knit twice. I like my socks to be portable projects to knit while talking or waiting. Zokni takes a level of attention that I don't like to give socks since I can only achieve it at home. It sure is a pretty leaf design and worth the effort now that it's over.

The arm warmers were started last year or even the year before. I pulled them from the Time Out basket and finished them in an hour. Yarn is Lion Brand sock yarn bought years and years ago.

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