Sunday, December 20, 2009

Settled In

I have moved, moved, move a lot of times in my life to the point that my princess dream is to never move again. Ever. But this time was not to stay in a place just because I'm done moving. No, the hole in the ceiling still wasn't fixed, the rent was raised, and I was sick and tired of it and frankly couldn't afford it anymore. So when an importunity to leave presented its self I took it.

Usually I can point to a moment in a move and say "That! That was the most sucky part of the move" Listing just the moves in this decade; 2000 it was loading a too small Uhaul in 100+ degree heat and having to leave things behind. 2002 it was driving 12 hours by myself with a dog and 2 rabbits to a home I now owned but had never seen. (That move wasn't so bad so the bad point wasn't all that bad either.) 2005 it was unloading in a snowstorm and an emergency trip to the vet for Joey's broken tail. 2006 it was Joey growing a new tumor before our eyes as we loaded the truck. That was another trip to the vet and 3 more months of chemo.

This move had none of that, or rather all of it. There was no one thing worse than the others because it all sucked. I even had the chance to take Joey to the emergency room again. This time it was the night before loading the truck and for an abscess in his jaw. He had surgery for that a few days later.

But it's over and we are settled in. The boxes are unpacked and it's feeling like home.

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needlefingers said...

Happy Holidays!

And here's hoping that your new little place will be a nice home for you for a long time. Sounds like Joey needs to stay put for a while.