Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Still Snowing

Yesterday at knitting I heard the best quip ever

Wow, look at that! A snow plow in Missouri.

It must be from Kansas headed too...

No, it's going east.


I thought of this several times as I crossed over into Missouri this morning. Driving up State Line Road to the left was sparkling clean pavement and the same road to the right was icy ruts a goat would have problems traveling. I, of course, had to be someplace on the right.

As I make it to my destination I'm waved away from the parking lot because of the pile up of stuck cars and told I was better off parked in the street. I agree and decide to circle the block. Or not. No way back up that hill. I end up driving down a street in reverse finally making it around the hill to get back to the top and finding a snowdrift I can park in that looks like I can get out of again. It's 3 blocks away from where I need to be.

As I'm walking up the hill in the snow I think of how glad I am to be from hearty pioneer stock and wasn't it smart that my cute heeled boots were the more expensive and better made Ecco with a real outdoor sole since the women around me in their cute boots were sliding down the hill while I was briskly trudging up it. That the extra dollars, made up by my employ discount, was so worth it since these boots are now 8 years old and still the ones I put on when I want to look polished or sexy or to have dry feet. That the my pioneer foremothers would be proud that a few feet of snow and bad roads wasn't going to stop me from... my salon appointment to have a haircut and my brows done. Ok, so maybe they would roll their eyes at me. I bet they owned their own pair of cute but hard working boots though. I've seen photos.

Know what else my hearty pioneer stock would approve of? One of my top 10 Christmas presents of all time. Mom got me 2 pair. Thanks Mom!

As I go around rhapsodizing about wearing long underwear and how it just doesn't make sense that we layer and layer and layer more on our tops when it's our legs and feet that are cold. That as a society we are idiots for thinking one layer of denim is enough and for not putting more clothes on the COLD parts and I have finally found the truth that is warmth and winter fun... and that's where the person listening to my tirade stops me by pulling out the waist band of her long underwear. It seems that I'm the only idiot.

In the past 3 days I've seen the waist bands of several other pairs of Cuddle Duds, some thermal weave cotton, and even one silk.

I've been pairing mine with funky wool legwarmers tucked under my jeans
add a pair of wool socks and I'm ready for an arctic expedition.

I'm super pleased with my thrift store coat too. It's not the cute acid green boiled wool pea coat that I wanted but it is warm. No, it's WARM. Probably the best $9 I've spent. No. Wait. Thanks Mom. Love the coat.

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